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Choosing an accountant and tax expert is key to run a prosperous franchise and restaurant business. Hajiani CPA LLC customize a discipline approach for each of its client so they can have peace of mind with their reportings and focus on what is most important when serving great food and servicing their client and their customers. 

These are the core services we provide to our restaurant clientele : 

Weekly sales reporting : We measure cost vs. sales, and reconcile any over/under cash balances so you have a real time information.

Accounts Payable : We ensure that your account payable stays on track so you do not miss any discount/rebate and you are not subject to any compliance and lateness.

Cashbook : We thouroughly maintain our client's financial journals by recording all cash receipts and payments, post debit card charges, including bank deposits and withdrawals. The entries from the cash book are then posted on a general ledger and are periodically reconciled with our client's bank statement as an internal method of auditing. 

Payroll : We offer you peace of find with a reliable and dependanble payroll powered by Payroll advantage, which also provide assistance with your tax administration. 

Financial Reporting : We understand the requirements of the business and we customize our financial reporting is such a way that we meet those special specifications including special banking and franchise reporting. 

CFO Analytical Approach : 

Some of our services offered, thrustworthy of a CFO Analytical approach, include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Preparation of proposals for bank presentation for solicitation of a loan and or line of credit;
  • Preparation of business plan for financing a new bussiness (i.e : new restaurant idea or opening of new restaurant);  
  • Forecasting of our client's business cash flow using finance and economic expertise; 
  • Preparation of lease vs buy analyses for capital equipment;
  • Proposal and implementation annual budgets;
  • Evaluation and implementation of incentive based compensation programs;